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Attention hard-working women:

Are you hungry for MORE? More energy, more time, more money, more confidence, more joy, more EVERYTHING! Then the IGNITE Women’s Conference is for you!


IGNITE Women’s Conference is a virtual 2-day event that will connect you to your fullest potential.  Allow yourself to be guided by 15 amazing teachers, healers, and specialists.  You will walk away with life-changing tools, inspiration, and connection to a truly supportive community.  


It’s time to leave overwhelm, exhaustion, and mediocrity behind you.  It’s time to feel energized, fulfilled, and supported.  This is your time - claim it at IGNITE!

Who: IGNITE is hosted by Life & Business Coach Rebecca Livingston.  Rebecca has assembled an unparalleled line-up of healers, coaches, and experts so that you receive high-quality, potent teachings that have the power to transform your life.  No big deal right?

What: 2-day LIVE virtual event that will put you back in the driver’s seat of your life.  You will walk away with the tools and plan to drive yourself to the destination of your dreams. Learn from other “everyday” women who are transforming their lives.  


Where: This amazing event is 100% virtual, saving you time and money on travel and accommodations. 


When: Sept 18th & 19th 

LIVE: 10 am-5pm Pacific Time


How: Click the button below to claim your Early Bird ticket.  This will reserve your spot (space is limited) and unlock bonus resources, like our exclusive Facebook Group, so that you don’t have to wait until the conference to start living your best life.  

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